Pastor’s Note.

Sunday, 7th June

Dear Leaders and Members of Trinity Methodist Church PJ.

On behalf of my family and the pastoral staff, we greet you in the Blessed Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let me begin by urging you and your family members (if possible) to start service at our usual time 9am so that wherever we are, we come together as a church to worship.

Secondly, this Sunday is Holy Communion Sunday. We will once again be doing online Holy Communion.

Please prepare the following:
1. A slice of bread or bun or biscuit.
2. Ribena juice, failing which another fruit juice or water.
3. The juice will be in a “main cup” and then proceed into separate cups for the individuals to partake after the pastor has led in the consecration prayer.
4. A clean cloth to cover the elements.

Please take note the Holy Communion video will be removed from TMCPJ YouTube channel on Sunday at 8pm.

Thirdly, we praise our Almighty God that most of you enjoyed the new improved online worship service.

I’m reposting the “Streaming Guide” video for your information to be guided and to prepare for worship. If possible, please watch this video today.

Or, please take note of the following:

a. The worship service is in segments and will flow uninterrupted in a playlist.

If you are using COMPUTER – all you need to do is to click “PLAY ALL” on the playlist.

If you are using HANDPHONE or IPAD, please click the “RED PLAY BUTTON” on the playlist.

b. We are doing this because we want to be cognisant of the copyright laws surrounding the use of YouTube resources.

c. At times, whenever you encounter advertisements being played occasionally especially the YouTube links (during worship songs), please press the “skip the ad” button when allowed or let them play out if you are unable to skip them.

d. The worship service links will be available from 9am until 8pm on Sunday 07 June 2020. After which, the sermon video will remain at our YouTube channel.

In addition, Bishop Dr Ong Hwai Teik has issued a call to persevere in prayer this Sunday.

Below are the links for you and your family to enter and to enjoy the worship experience.

There are links on children activities. Please encourage your children to participate in this activities.

Adapting under Covid-19 on Offerings and Pledges
It can be made by bank transfer to :
Alliance Bank A/C 121-0900-100567-41

Please spend time in praying for your family members, the church leadership and members and the nation.

For more information on any latest news and updates from the church, please log on to

In Christ’s love,
Rev Paul S Christie

English Service.

Scripture Lesson
1 Corinthians 12 : 4 – 11;
Galatians 5 : 22 – 23

Chinese Service.

Offerings & Pledges

During the nationwide Movement Control Order from 18th March until further notice, offerings and pledges may be made by bank transfer to Alliance Bank a/c 121-0900-100567-41.