Stewardship & Finance.

The Stewardship and Finance committee, as per the Methodist Book of Discipline 2016, is entrusted to promote and cultivate Christian Stewardship.

We are all God’s stewards – to look after God’s possessions in our care and to ensure that we do it well ie effective use of the talents God has given to us.

What are the areas of stewardship?

  • Possessions (eg House, Car)
  • Time
  • Money
  • Spiritual Gifts ie Our talents

On yearly basis, S&F is tasked to coordinate with all the ministries of the church to compile the annual expenditure budget. S&F would challenge the chairs/captains/presidents or their reps to ensure that we budget for matters that reflects our vision and missions.

2019 Budget vs 2018 Spent

With God’s help, 2019 budget will see

  • A 44% increase for Ministries to Local Church
  • A 20% increase for Ministries to Others

As God’s people, let’s pledge/tithe to support the ministries of the church using the Pledge Form 2019 (See Appendix 1)

Whilst we aspire to increase our givings, we need help. It is our responsibility to also encourage all members, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, to step forward and be involved in one or two ministries of the church. Let’s encourage one another to be the servant to 5or10 talents – whom God has found faithful to serve. To do so, please fill up the Ministry Menu form 2019 (See Appendix 2)

The forms can be sent to or
If you need to find out more about the ministries, please do no hesitate to connect with me via email ( and I will get back to you soonest possible.