The Clarion.

The Clarion is the official newsletter of the Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya (TMC PJ) and is published quarterly. TMC PJs a thriving and growing church with about 2,000 members. It has multiple worship services including a Chinese service, many ministries, home fellowships, small groups, evangelistic missions, affiliated bodies and many other activities.

The Clarion serves as a venue for those serving in the ministries to inform church members of the activities of their respective ministries, testify about God’s goodness and faithfulness and encourage church members to join them in serving in the various ministries. In addition, The Clarion encourages members who have experienced the power and goodness of God to write about them. These testimonies help to inspire others, and enhance their spiritual growth.

Contents of the Clarion

The Clarion will carry the Pastoral Message and lead articles on the theme according to the issue. There will be reports on the activities of the various ministries; home fellowships; testimonies of members in experiencing God; The Chinese Ministry; and announcements of births, marriages and those who have returned to the Lord. Also in The Clarion will be feature articles; book reviews; and reports on talks by invited preachers and other activities (if and when the need arises) such as street feeding, vacation church school and so on. The Editorial Board welcomes articles on the above and invites you to write for The Clarion. All your articles published are literary tributes to God, a way of praising Him and thanking Him for all the blessings and love He has given you. If you have difficulty with writing due poor eye-sight, the inability to type and so on, please contact a member of the Editorial Board. We will help you.

The Editorial Board members for 2016 are: Ms Liew Pooi Lin, Mr Andrew Wong, Mr James Chong, Ms Daisy Naesarajoo, Mdm Jessie Thaw Chin Sooi and Dr Adrian Hare.